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FB-Series FB-Series



Surface mount beads and common-mode surface mount beads are available from Queen Core in several sizes.

Their rugged construction decreases DC resistance and increases current carrying capacity compared with plated beads.

The Common-Model surface mount bead provides a common path for the magnetic flux generated by the current to the return current from the load.

The current compensation results in zero magnetic flux in the core.


PART NO. A m/m B m/m C m/m D m/m Impedance Z1 Impedance Z2 Rdc Max.
FB423226T-R78 4.0±0.25 3.0±0.15 2.55±0.15 1.5±0.5 25MHz - 20 Min 100MHz - 35±20% 0.6
FB863226T-R78 8.5±0.3 3.0±0.15 2.55±0.15 1.5±0.5 25MHz - 45 Min 100MHz - 85±20% 0.9